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Draft Solution

Thursday, 20 de May de 2010, by tatianaakulina

“Book your space” – the name of the solution.
I have been observing people in the underground. Some of them are sleeping, some – looking around, some – reading. Most of the citizens have nothing to do. They spend their time in vain while commuting. They become more stressed, disappointed because of the underground pressure. I asked some people what they feel when they go under ground to use metro, and most of the answers were: “fear, anger and unsafety”. To divert people thoughts and to cheer them up, it would be helpful to engage them with some useful activities, e.g. reading.

I experienced this myself when I first came to Moscow. But then i started taking books with me to have some time for reading my favorite books. Unfortunately, some of the books are heavy and it was not easy to carry them around for the whole day with me.  So that was one of the main arguments for me to give up reading in the underground. Also the lights in metro trains leave much to be desired. They are too dimmed for reading.

During this week I came out with the following idea: I want to solve the above-stated problems in an unusual way. There will be special assembling structures hanging from the hand rails in the metro trains. These structures can be adjusted to the necessary height depending upon the passengers’ eye level (when they are reading). Each structure will have a book attached to it. Passengers have an option to choose which type of books they want to read by taking a certain train. For instance, there are 8 cages in one train in Moscow. Each cage can be devoted to a particular literature type – e.g. fiction, detectives, novels, etc. So Moscow citizens can enjoy reading books according to their personal preferences.

This solution will also raise book sales in most bookshops, hopefully.
The solution is under development at the moment. Some things may be changed. I am now thinking about books, whether to put e-books or paper books.

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