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Green offices

Thursday, 20 de May de 2010, by irinazhdanova

From all ideas I’ve choosen the one about creating Green Offices. These are offices in the parks. I think it’s good idea to work, to arrange the meetings outdoors, or to study closer to nature. I think it’s fantastic if you can work with everything you need, sitting near the river. Or reading some materials in the internet when your feet are in the grass. Or you when you’ve tired you look up and see ky and clouds.


Green office offer you two ways of creating your workspace.

1. You come to the park-office-building which are situated in different parts of the park and rent the “room” there.

2. You borrow the mobile-office-container. Then choose the place in the park, bring it there (f.e. by bicycle) and transform it to a working-place, which consist of table, chair, “umbrella”, electricity connection and all you need.

3. Also i’m thinking about third type of place for work. It could be just small kiosks near the benches. You put the coin in it and receive electricity and wifi.

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