Thinking about the city..

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Thinking about the city..

Thursday, 20 de May de 2010, by irinazhdanova

We discussed a lot. But almost everything about the city comes to the one thought “We should leave the Moscow alone”. I think we al need MODERN cities which were built for the MODERN style of life, for modern transport, speed of life and people. The Moscow was established at 1147. And most of streets and buildings of the city-center were created before the “cars era”.

Also in Russia we have he situation when we have the problem that Moscow is modern rich city, but if you go out of Moscow already in 1 hour (about 20 km) you’ll see the real poorness and ruins. The territory around the Moscow is really undeveloped.

I think we should stop build anything in Moscow and start to develop the surburb. And the Moscow will be the place for the rest, for memory, for history.

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