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Explaining Idea by Sketches

lightning on escalater

I made some simple drawings to explain better the idea and its realization. This lightning navigation system is useful both for feeling comfortable while moving in the metro and finding where to go quickly.


21 de May by

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Evaluation Day – Role Play

Idea & Suggestions

On this day I was asked by peers (who played roles of Government, User, Investor, etc.) different questions about how i am going to realize the project. It helped a lot to come up with some new improvements.


20 de May by

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1 Hypothesis – Stefany Romanovskaya

Make advertisement on the streets more calm (not so distracting and colorful), move it or develop alternatives for billboards, so that people can enjoy sightseeing, feeling relaxed sometimes, not thinking about anything, not getting this big amount of information.


19 de May by

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2 Hypothesis – Stefany Romanovskaya

Let people have their own Lifestyle, not repeating the way other people live! (there may be only several people who are in a hurry, but everybody starts being fast as well because they got used to it)


19 de May by

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Creativity Day (final Solution)

Final Idea

Organize the way people move around metro stations (changing lines and so on). Make different paths (for example, for people with children, old people and those who are not in rush), so that people feel comfortable and move the way they need (slowly or fast).


18 de May by

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